A website without a purpose is like a twig floating in the ocean. It will go any and every where with no direction or path. Hence, every website has to have a purpose, and you should exactly what that purpose it. It helps you guide the direction of your business and accordingly take decisions that keep you on track.

Understanding Your Website’s Purpose

Once you learn the purpose of your website, making your mission statement will become, well, easier. Here are some purposes that websites often have:

  • •    Sometimes, businesses use business cards and traditional means of advertising to direct prospective customers to their website, which is an online brochure about the services and products
  • •    It can be an eCommerce site that sells physical products
  • •    A site can be an affiliate marketing site
  • •    The website also, at times, functions as a bridge site wherein customers and prospects are redirected to another site
  • •    Some sites are promotional sites that have rich and informative content that persuade visitors to get in touch with the business for further information and details
  • •    Lastly, it can be a booking site where visitors can book services


Regardless of the purpose of the site, it is imperative you, as the website owner, should have a defined, precise and clear mission statement to guide you to reach your goals.


Coming Up with a Mission Statement

Usually, businesses, especially large ones, tend to over-complicate their mission statement that neither visitors nor the business understands. Using flowery and complicated language confuses everyone!

Your mission statement should focus on your business. It should clearly highlight what your business does. It should give the right picture to those visiting your site. At the same time, the statement should also be your guiding beacon, so that you always know what you want from your website.

It is crucial to remember your website is an asset. Any money you spend on it should not be viewed as an expense, as long as you spend it prudently and increase the value of your site. Keeping this in mind, your site should be ready for growth and have the ability to sustain that growth. And, your mission statement should reflect that confidence.

This is achievable only if your site is equipped to handle future growth, is properly maintained and periodically improved and you have the right measures in place to ensure the site reaches its goals.


Importance of a Mission Statement

If you think a mission statement is restrictive, think again. Here are some benefits of creating a laser targeted mission statement for your website, so that you don’t lose your way.

  • •    It helps you reinforce what your website or business specialises in
  • •    It allows you to create informative and use content based on that specialisation
  • •    It allows you to attract visitors and prospective customers, as your website comes across as focused and authoritative


The Bottom Line

A mission statement is your roadmap. It should not be just words strung together to create something you don’t believe in. Rather, your website’s mission statement should be something that you can achieve and still have grand and big goals. Ultimately, your mission statement will dictate all the content and images that go into your website and hence, it should never be cast aside as being unimportant.