The vast majority of small businesses have to watch every single cent they spend and when it comes to marketing ROI is extremely important.Lets face it,  advertising it is an expense and as a result whilst we know it is important it is often overlooked. Many lower end adverting campaigns are also very hard to monitor – about the only thing you can do is hope that phone will ring.

This is where a good SEO campaign is a great option. For a small monthly spend, that is not wrapped around an ongoing contract, you can put in place a Optimisation Campaign that attracts traffic, increases sales an grows profit and is completely measurable. SEO should not be expensive but should get you results.

The reporting systems that come with a good SEO campaign are nothing short of awesome and often reveal some very interesting truths about your audience, your products and how you tie the two together. I good analytics report can actually change the way you do business – for the better.

Small Business should not miss out on what all the big businesses are doing – the bonus is that a good SEO campaign really should only cost the same as one advertisement in a local paper each month. This means that every business can be promoting their website well and attracting the right traffic.

So, as a small to medium business, this is what you need to look for in an SEO Consultant:

  • No ongoing contracts
  • Monthly reporting
  • Proven results
  • Keyword selection and monitoring
  • Blog writing
  • Google Analytics and Web Mastertools setup
  • Onsite SEO report
  • Site speed monitoring
  • Error reporting and fixing

There are many more options a SEO Expert should offer but these are the basics.

As a SME keep in mind the first two months of SEO report are really for site repairs and setup, from there you should start to see rankings for your relevant keywords improve and then as a direct result you should see a rise in clients or customers.