Does your website need a little help?

Are you wondering why your site is not performing the way you anticipated?

Well, it may be time for your website to get a thorough Audit.

Your website should be a 24/7 Sales Tool that generates income.

All day, every day


Is Your Website Healthy?

You may be wondering what health has to do with your website. It has everything to do with your business if your profits and sales are poor or you want to give an impetus to your business by increasing online sales.

Your website’s health needs urgent care if you can identify with one or more of the following:

  • •    Your website does not appear in Google search results on page 1 for your products or services
  • •    You are experiencing low traffic to your website
  • •    Your profits and revenues are low or negligible because your products and/or services are not selling online
  • •    Your competition appears above you in search results

These can spell disaster for your business and requires immediate action. You need a professional who is well-versed in analysing the health of your website and giving you accurate and comprehensive recommendations to improve the health and wellbeing of your site.

Why an Complete Audit and Health Check?

A health check will help you identify those areas of your website that need improvement and once those niggles and flaws are fixed, you will have a hale and hearty website that is properly functioning and optimised to increase your profits.

A website health check is not just about finding problem areas. It also tells the areas that are good and working optimally.

A Healthy Website will Rank Better, Attract more Visitors and Increase Profits.


Are you a victim of negative SEO?

Yes! There is such a thing and it is more prevalent than you think.

Many business attack their competitors with negative SEO so that their website will never rank as well as they should. The bonus is it is fixable.

The Way Forward

Okay, you can identify with the scenarios stated above. Now what should you do? Call in the website doctors!

So, what do you get? We look closely analyse and find out what is adversely affecting your search engine ranking. We will furnish our findings in a detailed report that is prioritised based on importance. So you’ll know what you have to fix first.

This is not a generic report – we spend hours and hours going over your website to determine any issues and making recommendations for improvements. With offices in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore Breshi stands by its reputation of being a leader in Digital Marketing, SEO and SEM – we know how to get your website up and running properly.

Start making your website work for you.

For only $240 we will help you maximise the potential of your website.

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